Falling dollar and other factors that will affect the price of bitcoin this week:

Analysts say, Bitcoin started the week with breaking the $ 11,500 resistance, but what can we expect from it in the coming days, and what will the price depend on?

19 October 2020

Today we will look at one debt securitiy as investment ideas for this week: Volkswagen

13 October 2020
Bitcoin breaks the $ 11.200 resistance level amid rising institutional investors

Analysts of the Pi Capital Union group of companies commented about what is happening on the crypto market. On the night of Saturday, October 10, the price of the first cryptocurrency broke through the resistance level previously indicated by many analysts at $ 11.200, at the moment it came close to $ 11.500.

12 October 2020
What is KYC and AML and why is it important to comply with them?

Financial security is number one in the activities of all organisations. And if in the case of trade in goods and services, insurance against risks is carried out by the terms of the contract, then in the case of financial technologies, the instruments of operations themselves include security measures. Alex Zask, Chief Development Officer EX Pi talks about what constitutes an anti-money laundering policy, when and why it became an important part of the security policy of Pi Capital Union companies.

09 October 2020
How to make money on OTC cryptocurrency trading?

Many market players are abandoning traditional exchanges in favor of OTC trading. Larger deals, less commission, more stable prices. But when entering this area, you need to play by special rules and be prepared for serious risks.

07 October 2020

Today we will look at one debt securitiy as investment ideas for this week: Turkey's senior unsecured sovereign Eurobond

06 October 2020
Bitcoin rate approached $ 11,000. What will happen next?

Analysts and experts of our group of companies Pi Capital Union, explained the growth in value of the main digital coin, and whether it will be able to overcome the key mark.

05 October 2020
How to use your blockchain: what to choose?

Before developing your own blockchain your team should clearly understand what the blockchain is for, and what budget you can allocate for its maintenance. Blockchain design and launch have their own nuances. They can be easily overlooked when planning if you misjudge the scope and complexity of the task.

02 October 2020
OTC desk: how million-dollar cryptocurrency transactions are made?

Several years after the appearance of bitcoin in 2009, transactions with it took place only on the OTC market. Then centralised exchanges appeared but OTC transactions remained. Now, they are concluded on sites where users buy cryptocurrency fr om each other for small amounts, as well as on platforms wh ere it is possible to purchase digital currency in the amount of $ 50,000 or more. Konstantin Kolokolov, Chief Operating Officer of EX Pi, spoke about the specifics of the operation of such sites.

01 October 2020
Pi Capital Union issues euro-backed stablecoin

The European group of companies Pi Capital Uunion has launched its own stablecoin in the form of an ERC20 token called EuPi, which is used in its multicurrency wallet and, in the future, on its own exchange. Each EuPi token is free from volatility and has an estimated value of € 1.

29 September 2020

Today we will look at one debt securitiy as investment ideas for this week: Tinkoff

29 September 2020

Today we will look at one debt security as investment idea for this week: VEB.RF

24 September 2020

Today we will look at one debt securitiy as investment ideas for this week: Sovkombank

15 September 2020
European ministers urged to establish regulation and restrictions on the circulation of stablecoins

The finance ministers of the five countries in the European Union called on the leadership of the bloc to impose strict restrictions on stablecoins and their issuers.

14 September 2020

Today we will look at one debt securitiy as investment ideas for this week: VEON Holdings B.V.

08 September 2020
The Central Bank of Brazil admitted the possibility of launching a national digital currency by 2022

Brazil’s Central Bank President Roberto Campos Neto announced Wednesday that the country could have its own digital currency by 2022.

08 September 2020
Craig Wright Million Bitcoin Court Hearing Postponed To 2021

Judge Beth Bloom granted a motion to extend the preliminary trial in the case of Craig Wright with the family of his former business partner Dave Kleiman. The trial was scheduled for July 6 and, after several postponements, was postponed until October 13, but will now only take place in 2021.

07 September 2020
China May Launch Digital RMB Hardware Wallet and Limit Transaction Volume

In addition to mobile devices, users of the digital yuan may be offered other mechanisms of interaction with the new currency of the People's Bank of China. CoinDesk writes about this with reference to the agreement of China Construction Bank (CCB), one of the largest commercial banks in the country, which determines the rules for using a financial instrument.

04 September 2020
Kazakhstan intends to attract investments of $ 700 million in the cryptocurrency mining sector

The Kazakh authorities are negotiating to attract investments of 300 billion tenge ($ 714 million) for the country’s cryptocurrency industry. Reuters writes about this with reference to the statement of the Minister of Digital Development Bagdat Musin.

03 September 2020

Today we will look at one debt securitiy as investment ideas for this week: Gazprom

01 September 2020
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