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Date of publication: 29 October 2019
Ripple XRP solves all problems: Opinion of the head of Xago
Ripple XRP solves all problems: Opinion of the head of Xago
Ripple XRP will solve all problems, according to the head of the South African startup Xago Jurgen Kunel. As the head of Xago noted, other digital assets are also significant, but they do not have the same effect as Ripple XRP. Ripple XRP is great for retail payments. Xago is going to increase the liquidity of Ripple XRP in those countries where the project will expand.

A representative of Xago explained in a recent interview the reason for choosing Ripple XRP for retail payments. The initial goal for the launch of Xago was to develop a platform that would allow settlements with retailers who have their own hardware and software. The Xago team decided that it is blockchain that will help. At first, the startup thought that Bitcoin could be suitable for solving such a problem, but after that, later on, Xago realized that Ripple technology was ideal for this business.

Ripple was the perfect solution because of the speed, low cost and the number of transactions per second. According to the head of Xago, Ripple is great for financial transactions where you need to quickly calculate large volumes. Therefore, Ripple technology appeared to be the most competitive option for retail payment for rail transportation. After working with the market after that, Xago received positive reviews about the Ripple XRP and decided to move on. Ripple XRP currently seems to be better than Bitcoin in the required Xago field of activity.

All processes are carried out on the basis of Ripple technology, and this can significantly save time without slowing down even minimally the work of the complex product. Thanks to Ripple, Xago can complete tasks on time that retailers require. Also, a representative of Xago commented on the position of Libra Facebook. According to the CEO of Xago, Libra Facebook can be called a significant project, but in the long run, Ripple XRP looks much more profitable and reliable

Kevin R Smith 

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