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Date of publication: 28 January 2020
Best cryptocurrency hardware wallets for 2020. Second part
In fact, the only differences between the Ledger Nano X and the previous Ledger Nano S model are Bluetooth support and connectivity to mobile devices.
The wallet supports more than 30 cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dash, Litecoin, Tron and many others. This is the most popular hardware wallet to date, in part thanks to Ledger’s powerful marketing over the years.

Advantages of Ledger Nano X

Ledger is the most popular hardware wallet provider. Good support and community can be noted.
The wallet allows you to store many different cryptocurrencies.
In addition, Ledger can be directly linked to other services. For example, with new decentralized exchanges.
Firmware updates are constantly being released for the Ledger Nano X.
The disadvantages of the Ledger Nano X

The software architecture of the wallet is designed in such a way that rebooting the device takes a significant amount of time.

Although the wallet now works with many mobile devices, the added support for bluetooth connectivity, in fact, leaves much to be desired.
Many software updates can degrade the user experience: lags appear or some devices are simply not compatible with the new firmware.

This is the only company that allows bluetooth connectivity. Although security concerns have not yet been substantiated, Bluetooth in the crypto industry is suspicious.

3. KeepKey Hardware Wallet

Conducting a transaction on a Keepkey hardware wallet.

KeepKey has the same shape as Ledger, but it is equipped with a readable digital display. The parent company, Shapeshift, in the crypto space has long been recognized as a reliable software wallet provider. We once laid out a detailed review of the KeepKey crypto wallet.

Benefits of KeepKey Wallet

A more beautiful version of Ledger.
Much easier to use compared to the Ledger Nano X.
It is synchronized with the Shapeshift wallet, offering additional options in the form of instant cryptocurrency exchange.

Drawbacks of KeepKey Wallet

Compared to competitors like TREZOR and Ledger, KeepKey is significantly inferior in terms of community size.

To use Keepkey applications, users are forced to install additional software like Electrum or MultiBit.

It can only be used with a USB connection to a device with an active Internet connection.

4. Trezor Hardware Wallet

Best cryptocurrency hardware wallets for 2020 Trezor Model T is the latest model from Satoshi Labs. This company was the first in the world to create a hardware wallet. Model T differs from other wallets in that it is equipped with a touch screen. Trezor wallet allows you to store countless cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Dogecoin, Namecoin, Dash, Ethereum and many others.

Benefits of the Trezor Model T

Support for many cryptocurrencies.
The ability to convert cryptocurrencies into fiat money.
Regular firmware updates.

Disadvantages of the Trezor Model T

High price.
Model T differs from the previous Trezor One model, in fact, only in the user interface.
Almost 3 times more expensive than similar competitors.

While hardware wallets can hit the pocketbook, these investments will be justifiable, given the peace of mind they guarantee. Hardware wallets can save you money when making transactions, but you should still keep backup copies of the seed phrase and follow the rest of the security instructions.

Perhaps, in 2020, it is quite possible to choose from the above 4 models of hardware crypto-wallets. Perhaps in the coming year we will see new models or fundamentally new gadgets for storing cryptocurrencies, but you definitely won’t be mistaken by stopping at something from this list.

Alexey Shternshis
Pi Capital Union

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