WEF has published a guide to the creation of state cryptocurrencies

The World Economic Forum (WEF), together with the largest central banks, has presented guidelines identifying the benefits and risks of the state digital currency (CBDC).

31 January 2020
The number of bitcoin-storing wallets is constantly increasing

Research company Glassnode reports that over the past year, the number of wallets that store at least 1 bitcoin has increased by 10% to 784,000.

29 January 2020

Today we will look at one debt security as investment ideas for this week: Kohl's Corporation and Russian Railways

28 January 2020
Best cryptocurrency hardware wallets for 2020. Second part

In fact, the only differences between the Ledger Nano X and the previous Ledger Nano S model are Bluetooth support and connectivity to mobile devices.

28 January 2020
Best cryptocurrency hardware wallets for 2020

A good hardware wallet is absolutely necessary for many of us. Besides the fact that hardware wallets help us to feel a closer connection with our money, they provide security and peace of mind when using digital currencies. And if you are just in search of these characteristics, then you should take a closer look at hardware cryptocurrency wallets. If you are interested in learning how one wallet differs from another, and also get to know the advantages and disadvantages of each of them, then our today's guide is just for you.

27 January 2020
LocalBitcoins has suspended user service from 21 countries

The company has introduced an “enhanced legal review process” in some regions in accordance with the requirements of the European Commission.

26 January 2020
India will improve public schools through blockchain

The Minister of Communications and Information Technology of India has commissioned the National Center for Informatics (NIC) to develop a blockchain solution to increase the level of educational programs in public schools.

22 January 2020

Today we will look at one debt security as investment ideas for this week: Sprint Corporation and Development Bank of the Republic of Belarus

21 January 2020
Deciphering the testimony of Pavel Durov on January 7 and 8 is available in the public domain

Telegram founder Pavel Durov testified about an alleged violation of the U.S. Securities Law in connection with the sale of Gram tokens. Fragments of the transcript of the court session, which lasted about 18 hours, are presented in the public domain.

20 January 2020
Samsung SDS and Syniverse will develop a blockchain platform for mobile payments

The IT division of the international technology giant Samsung SDS has announced a collaboration with telecommunications company Syniverse to develop a blockchain system for mobile payments.

16 January 2020
Over half of LTCs have been in motion wallets for over a year

Franklyn Richards, director of the Litecoin Foundation, said that more than half of the issued 63 million LTCs have been in wallets without traffic for more than a year.

15 January 2020

Today we will look at one debt security as investment ideas for this week: GeoProMining

14 January 2020
Top 5 blockchain conferences in 2020

Every year, hundreds, if not thousands of blockchain events are held in the world that promise visitors the opportunity to talk with leading experts in this field and get acquainted with the latest technologies. But only a few of them really pay for the time and money spent on their visit.

14 January 2020
How not to drown in a cryptocurrency sea

People have always looked for an opportunity to make money quickly, very often — investing in dubious projects on the waves of hype. The cryptosphere is no exception. Every day, more and more people enter the digital asset industry, and they make the same mistakes again and again. However, there is a way to avoid mistakes. To begin with, we will study the most common of them.

10 January 2020
Court rejects SEC petition for Telegram banking documentation

The Southern District Court of New York rejected the SEC's request for information on banking operations and the use of funds raised by the TON project as part of the ICO.

08 January 2020
Crypto ATM

A new era of ATMs that no longer burden their customers with searching for an ATM of their bank and excessive bank commissions.

27 December 2019
Chinese Hebei Provinces Seize Nearly 7,000 ASIC Miners for Bitcoin Mining

The authorities in the Chinese province of Hebei seized 52 transformers and nearly 7000 specialized devices for mining bitcoin.

25 December 2019
Hackers cracked the wallet of the NULS blockchain project and stole 2 million coins

The NULS blockchain project officially announced a hack. Hackers managed to withdraw about 2 million coins from the project wallet, while more than 500,000 of them have already been sold and are not being tracked.

24 December 2019
Chinese regulators launched an investigation into the blockchain fitness app Qubu

The authorities of the Chinese province of Hunan are investigating the activities of the blockchain application for fitness Qubu in connection with reports of illegal fundraising and financial fraud.

22 December 2019
MARKET SIGNALS, december 10 2019

10 December 2019
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