Solar Water Heater Market Size is set to Reach USD 5.1 billion by 2025 says Goldstein Research

• Contribution of commercial sector is growing the solar water heater market at a rate of 6.4% annually. • Latin America is witnessing fastest growth on account of its geographical presence in the tropical belt. • Trending hybrid solar water heaters to make installation efficient & cost effective

21 October 2019
North America likely to dominate Global Airport Display System Market through 2024- Goldstein Research

Rapidly growing air passenger traffic, led the airport operators and airlines to focus towards the efficient solutions to manage passengers. The rising trend of self-service boarding and check-in facilities are expected to accelerate the demand for airport display systems.

14 October 2019

12 October 2019
China Online Food Delivery Services likely to Garner USD 48.1 bn Market Size by 2025

China Online food delivery services market is dominated by tier-1 cities with a market share of 46.5% in 2017 on the back of developed infrastructure and higher personal disposable income of the people in tier-1 cities.

09 October 2019
Hot news on CryptoPi.News

08 October 2019
Wallet EXPI - a mobile bank created for true financial freedom

Wallet EXPI - a mobile bank created for true financial freedom A new generation of mobile banking, where in addition to the usual EUR, USD, RUB, the balance of crypto assets is reflected ⁃ Online account opening. ⁃ free transfers without limits ⁃ The service is not included in the community of organizations burdened with the “Agreement of the competent authorities on the automatic exchange of financial information” ⁃ assets can be stored in cryptocurrency, and it is possible to make transactions in the usual currencies accepted by all suppliers of goods and services.

03 October 2019

INVESTMENT IDEAS Today we will look at two corporate debt securities as investment ideas for this week: Hewlett Packard Enterprise and Metalloinvest

03 October 2019
Cryptocurrency regulation in different countries of the world

Today I wanted to talk about Cryptocurrency regulation in different countries of the world

27 September 2019
United Kingdom
SIBUR and Netkanika sign strategic cooperation agreement

SIBUR and Netkanika signed a strategic cooperation agreement aimed at facilitating the export of polypropylene nonwoven materials produced by Netkanika from SIBUR’s polypropylene.

26 September 2019
Facial Analytics to gain traction in Face Recognition Market in coming years-Goldstein Research

North America dominates the global facial recognition market with 45.5% market share due to increased investments in the market and emergence of new vendors.

24 September 2019
Pregnancy Wearable Devices Market to grow at 3.1% CAGR through 2025

The biggest challenge to growth is that wireless gadgets have the tendency of sending out high radiations that might cause a behavioral disorder in child. Most cases of child deformity are accounted to gadget radiation.

23 September 2019
Asia Pacific region anticipated to be the fastest growing IT Managed Services Market

Major developments anticipated in the few countries such as Japan, Korea, China and India among others.

20 September 2019
Goldstein Research forecasts Smart Door Locks Market to Quadruple to USD3.2 bn by 2024

Smart door lock market is estimated to grow at a CAGR of 19.8% over 2016-2024 from USD 0.8 billion in 2016, to reach a market size of USD 3.2 billion by the end of forecast period.

19 September 2019
Smart Parking Market to witness Highest Growth in Asia Pacific through 2024: Goldstein Research

About 30% of the vehicles looking for parking space on the roads are responsible for traffic congestion which has considerably augmented the need for smart parking solutions

18 September 2019
Cyber Security in Asia Pacific (APAC) to be USD 48.7 bn Market by 2024

Out of 5, 3 computers are running on non-genuine software in APAC region, growing the risk for cyber attacks.

17 September 2019
Global Indoor Positioning and Indoor Navigation (IPIN) Market Study by Goldstein Research

65% of healthcare facilities are unfamiliar with indoor location systems creating huge opportunities for players to introduce their solutions for healthcare sector.

16 September 2019
Europe to hold over 30% Share of Smart Lighting Market by 2024, according to Goldstein Research

Growing energy saving concerns and emerging advanced technologies such as IoT and connected devices coupled with accelerating LED price erosion are the major factors increasing the demand for smart lighting.

11 September 2019
CAGR for Lithium-Ion (Li-ion) Battery Market Assessed at 10.9% through 2025 by Goldstein Research

China is witnessed to be the largest market in the APAC region owing to the highest adoption of electric vehicles in the world.

11 September 2019
Players Focus towards Productivity Gains propels Mining Automation Market Growth

Global Mining Automation Market is Expected to Grow at a CAGR of 11.4% During the Forecast Period (2016-2024)

09 September 2019